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100% brand new and high quality

Soft Shackle can reach a breaking power of amazingly 38000lbs. This product is strong enough to handle most SUV or ATV recovery missions.

Use the infinite knot design to easily take off and put on the shackle. Pulling only tightens the knot. What's more, They will never get deformed like metal shackles, which will make you have no choice but to cut it open, with a cutting torch.

These lightweight synthetic soft shackles will do no damage to cars or people if the towing rope accidentally breaks and throws shackles to car. That's why soft shackles are becoming this popular.

This soft shackle use a heavy-duty Non-Sewing synthetic sleeve to protect the product from UV, rock abrasion, and heating for long off-road trip.

No matter whether you drive off-road or take an adventure in wild places with your ATV, or you just wanna get ready for long snowy winter. You will need this lightweight and heavy-duty shackle to get prepared for "what if".


Material:Molecular Polyethylene

Size: Approx.1.3x55cm/0.51x21.65inches


Package Includes:

1x Synthetic Soft Shackle

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