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Material: PET material
Color: Blue/White/Green /Yellow/Red/Orange
Craft: reflective film
Quantity: 4PCS/Set
【KEY FEATURES 】of Door Open Reflective Warning Stickers
1.Efficient reflection makes rear drivers easily to pay attention to your vehicle, and reminds them of keeping enough distance in night, rainy and foggy weather, when stopping your vehicle aside the road to get off.
2.That reduces the probability of traffic accidents to improve driving safety.
3.Reflective sign decals is used superior PET to made that they has high brightness, they seem to be road signs for all around when driving out to the streets.
4.For waterproof, terrible weather resistance, good adhesive and anti-scratch, these decals can service for a long time.Not easy to fall down.
5.Universal fitment: Car Warning stickers are suitable for all size vehicles,such as cars, SUVs, motocycles, bicycles and so on
1 Make sure where you want to paste these before sticking.
2 Clean dust or residue of target position with water, then wait it dry.
3 Peel the protective film off at its back and stick. Do not move repeatedly.
4 Press down a few minutes to remove bubbles for better adhesive.

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