Power input: 3*AAA battery

Mouthpieces: 5pcs of mouthpieces included

Keywords: Tester

Feature: Quick response and resume

Digital display results: (% BAC / g/L)

Detection range: 0.00%-0.19% BAC (0.0-1.9g/l)

Color: Black

Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

Product Features:

Smart MCU control

Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor

Quick response and resume

SMD assembling, stable performance

Direct testing process LCD indication, BAC 0.000%, 0.00 %0, mg/l

One key operating

Digital LCD display with light blue backup

Portable and fashion design

Audio warning beyond pre-set limit

Sensor Fault Self checking

Battery saved design, low voltage indication

Dimension: 112*61*29mm

Package: white box.

Technical Data:

Sensor type: Flat surfaced alcohol sensor

Working Voltage: DC4.5V3× AAABatteries

Working Current: ≤ 120mA

Working Environment: Temperature: -10 oC to 50 oC

Relative Humidity ≤ 95% No Dews

Detection Range: 0.001.00mg/L

0.0000.199%BAC; 0.001.90g/L; 0.001.99BAC

Alarming Level: 0.25mg/L (0.05%BAC, 0.50g/L; 0.50BAC)

Accuracy: ± 10% F. S

Response Time: 5s

Resume Time: 20s

Display: 3 digits LCD display with light blue backlight

Battery expectancy time: 200Times

1 after drinking , it is recommended to wait 20 minutes before testing, because alcohol

takes about 20 minutes into the blood from the digestive organs , and residual alcohol in

the mouth takes time to dissipate .

2 To get a more accurate result , the distance should be at least three minutes between

each test .

3 Do not use benzene , gasoline and thinners cleaning product ingredients tester .

4 Do not allow any liquid penetrated into the sensor.

5 to remind you , to you and the safety of others , do not drink and drive.

For aviation security reasons, this product delivery without battery

Package Include:

1 x Alcohol tester with 5 mouthpieces

1 x Anti-Dust pouch

1 x User manual

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