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Trusted by first responders, Law Enforcement, and EMTs and carried by more than 8 million motorists worldwide. 




  • The Multifunctional Life-Saving Hammer Has Gun-type Spring Breaks Window with Skills. If an emergency occurs,  With a single push, even in high-pressure water, the window can be broken within 1 second. 


It has a Seat belt cutter

The Sharp cutting tool, stainless-steel blade allows cutting a jammed seat belt in no time, It cut the belt just by pushing U-sharped, and it also prevents reaching in of fingers and accidental scratches.



 The glass breaker tool comes with a complimentary universal magnetic base which you can place on the front dashboard and safely keep the tool on it. It thus becomes very easy to access. Otherwise, you can also just keep it on your car's storage box or inside the dashboard 


How to use the window breaking hammer

Pull off the lid, and press gently at the four corners of the side window. (The front and rear windshields are explosion-proof windows, more force is required.) Then Remove broken pieces and escape


How to use the safety belt cutter

Align the notch with the side of Cut the safety belt and pushed for Cut the safety belt


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