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Upgraded paint thickness gauge. It can measure Fe and NFe.

The accuracy is increased by 10, the range is extended, the resolution is higher, and the cost performance is higher.

Used to measure in AUTO test mode and on objects with steel substrates.

This device is not suitable for measuring metallic paint on cars or similar objects.

This tester must not be used to test your home appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc.)


Measurement range: 0.0 to 2.0 mm, 0 mil to 80 mil

Accuracy: 2%rdg +-0.1 mm, or 2%rdg+-4 mil

Resolution:0.1 mm/1 mil

Power supply: 1 x 3 V button cell, CR2032 or equivalent

Measuring technology: Magnetic

Weight: About 23 grams (including button cell)

Size: As the picture

Package included:

1*  Car Paint Thickness Gauge Gauge


1. Probe

Before measurement, place the tester with its probe firmly against target surface.

2. Display

3. "TEST" button

(1) Press "TEST" button to turn on the tester. Press and hold down this button for about 1 second to turn off the tester.

(2)Press "TEST" button to delete the reading on the display,the display will show "- -".

4. "UNIT" button

Press this "UNIT" button to select desired unit: mm or mil

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