1. The cover body is made of high-quality plastic, and the barrel body is made of PP plastic, which is also called pleated plastic, which is not easy to crack.


2. Reasonable design and easy to use: the design is ergonomic, and the spring cover design is beautiful and easy to use.


3. The product shape design adopts a European style simple design, and the shape size is 20CM long.


4. The product has a high capacity, and no half of the garbage is exposed after the lid is closed, ensuring the freshness of the car.


5. The lid can be quickly disassembled and assembled, easy to clean



Material: Plastic

Size: Approx. 20cm*10cm

Color: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red

Weight: About 150g

Product Application: can be hang to car door, seat back, visor etc.

Package Included:

1*Car Trash Can


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