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1:Make the car body brighter

2:Scratch resistance

3:Efficient anti-fouling, strong water removal

4:High temperature resistance

5:Corrosion protection.Anti-acid rain


1.Wrap the cloth over coating sponge

2.Put coat liquid on the cloth

3.Spread the liquid on the car

4.Use towel to wipe and polis


Type: Car liquid ceramic coat

Material: Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc

Hardness: 9H

Durability: 3-5 years

Coating Thickness: 30um

Gloss: Excellent high gloss effect, shiny as mirror

Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12

Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degree

Consumption: 30ML

Package Included:

1*Fluid /1*set

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