1. The preferred material is non-toxic and odorless. The PU material has good oil resistance, flexibility, wear resistance, aging resistance and adhesion. It is an ideal non-slip material

2, good temperature resistance, can meet the needs of different places

3, no stimulation to the human body, environmental protection, no pollution, anti-mold and anti-bacteria

4, can be used repeatedly with clean water, the nature of the natural recovery

5,Using PU nano-innovative black technology materials, condensation made of anti-slip mats for automobiles, so that the product does not lose toughness, and at the same time, it enhances surface activity without fear of various intense driving and bumpy road conditions.

6,In order to maximize the stability of the contact with the adhered objects, the micro-convex grid surface with regular and flat area is selected through various comparisons, and the bonding is stronger.


Small size: 130mm"80mm

Medium: 180mm*125mm

Large size: 280mm"180mm

Material: PU

Color: black/colorless and transparent

Style: small/medium/large

Scope of application: all models

Package Included:

1*Non-slip mat

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