[product description]

Convenience: dismantle, carry and use at will.

Universality: wide range of applications and occasions.

Safety: it is safe to use and prevents the load from falling.

Environmental protection: This product is non-toxic, pollution-free and benzene free.

Non fouling: there is no glue falling off, which will not dirty hands and the surface of objects.

Temperature resistance: high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. It has passed the heat, antifreeze and sunscreen test. Its use property remains unchanged at 200 ℃ and minus 40 ℃.

Durability: it is durable and can be used repeatedly for more than 5 years without aging. Its fixing force and elasticity remain unchanged.

Easy to clean: it does not stick to oil stain. When oil stain or dust sticks, it will affect the anti-skid performance. During cleaning, it does not need any detergent, only rinse with clean water, do not need to wipe with a cloth, and gently dry it by hand, which will restore the original use effect.

Cheapness: it has high cost performance and high use value. Its cheapness and efficiency are irreplaceable, efficient and magical products that can not be replaced by any other products.




Size: large anti-skid pad (11cm * 9cm)

Rack buckle: (5cm * 4cm)

The error is about 0.5cm

Unit weight: 50g

Material: environmental protection silica gel material

Usage scenario: car dashboard and desktop

Color: Pink Blue Orange Black

Applicable models: most models

Applicable models: various types of mobile phones and navigators


Package Included:

One large nonslip pad two-bracket buckles

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