1. Material: ABS + electronic components

2. Size: 15.9x1.3cm/6.26x0.51in

3. 5 LED lights display the percentage of water in the brake fluid

4. Power supply: 2 X LR44 batteries (not included)


The brake fluid detection pen judges the change of brake fluid moisture based on the change of conductivity.

It clearly shows the degree of moisture contained in the light-emitting diode, high moisture content will cause the boiling point to decrease and affect the braking performance.

Red indicates that the brake fluid needs to be replaced immediately, green indicates that it is in good condition, and yellow indicates that the condition is acceptable but will be replaced soon.

1. Green LED light = water content of brake fluid H2O<1.5%, brake fluid is qualified

2. Yellow LED light = water content of brake fluid H2O=1.5%-3%, you can continue to use it and test again after six months

3. Red LED light = water content in brake fluid H2O>3%, brake fluid needs to be replaced if it cannot be used continuously. Red LED: replace brake fluid

4. Red LED flashes: replace the battery

5. Yellow LED: low moisture content, check again after six months

6. Green LED: brake fluid pipeline/battery row


Five LED indicators show more accurate test results. Check DOT 3, DOT4, DOT5 brake fluid.

Press the switch to turn on the power. The green LED light indicates that the battery is normal, and the green light off indicates the automatic shutdown technology when the battery is replaced.

Green: The battery is OK, that is, the brake fluid does not contain water

Green/yellow: The water content of the brake fluid is less than 1%, the brake fluid has better performance and is easy to use.

Green/yellow/yellow: The water content of the brake fluid is about 2%, and the brake fluid can be used continuously.

Green/yellow/yellow/red: The water content of the brake fluid is about 3%, it is recommended to replace the brake fluid.

Green/yellow/yellow/red/red: The water content in the brake fluid is at least 4%. The brake fluid must be replaced immediately, which is very dangerous.

1 X Brake Oil Test Pen 



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