If you've did any restoration of ageless rusty machines at all, you would definitely run into one of the biggest frustrations you can encounter rusted bolt, gear or nut that simply will not budge. Here are the solutions for you,

Simply spray to remove rust on jammed machine parts without Any dismantling! Penetrates stuck or jammed Part On Gear, Nuts, And More! shine Rust Remover Spray is a cleaning spray that instantly removes rust in 1 spray.

Penetrates deep into the gap and drains moisture,

Eliminating corrosion,

Leaving an ultra-durable, clean waxy coating on the metal surfaces.

Instant Anti-Rust Effect!

Provides a quick solution without waiting for it to work! Instantly remove extreme rust stains on metal parts, restore shine & prevent rust from developing again.


The Waxy Coat can cling onto the metal surface for months and protects the surface from oxidation. Instantly restore shine and PREVENT the RUST from growing back again.

NO Special Equipment Is Required!

No need to wear gloves, masks, or any protective gear when applying the Rust Remover Spray on the metal surface.

Safe To Use On ANY Surfaces!

Non-Toxic, Non-Conductive & No Chemicals. It is safe to use for almost ANY thing, safe on paints, metal surfaces, plastics, and Vinyl. Even safe to use on electronics, non-conductive, and DOES NOT cause short circuits.

Get Your Machine Back In Operation Today! Regain ShinyGlow surfaces with this Rust Remover Spray!


Capacity: 30ml

Package Inclusions:

1PCS Rust Remover Spray

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