*1. Will not damage the exhaust pipe.

*2. Restore exhaust pipe luster.

*3. Come with complete applicator tools.

*4. Long-lasting surface protection.


*1. Material: liquid

*2. Capacity: 30ml

*3. Weight: 45g


Material Type: liquid

Item Weight: 45g

Item Volume: 30ml

Item Type: Rust Converter, Rust Remover & Rust Prevention

Feature 5: Derusting Agent

Feature 4: Metal Surface Rust Remover

Feature 3: Car cleaning tools

Feature 2: rust remover

Feature 1: Car Anti-Rust

Chassis Rust: with Brush Sponge Towel Glove

Package Includes:

1 x Anti-rust Cleaner

1 x Glove

1 x Sponge Pad

1 x Brush

1 x Towel

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