1. This product comes with a strong adhesive, at room temperature above 0 degrees without additional heating can be directly pasted. The higher the outdoor temperature paste the more solid construction can not be removed after the paste is extremely strong!

2. Noise experts recommend doing sound insulation at the same time do not forget the door of the vibration, in the paste before the sound of cotton can be posted before a few vibration excellent effect, the general needs of the entire three-car sedan about 10 meters.

3. Special Note: If the owners such as the engine noise, you want to completely reduce the engine noise alone on the hood on this point sound insulation cotton is not as simple as the engine noise cotton recommended to do the hood and U-slot noise effects need to use aluminum foil sound insulation Cotton + aluminum plate butyl rubber shock plate (18-25 or so), the engine noise is a very complex system of sound engineering, you need to do fenders, firewall, instrument panel U-shaped slot sound insulation engineering!


Shape: Square

Material: Rubber

Grade: A

Flexural strength: strong

Compressive strength: strong

Form: fibrous

Size: 200x50cm

Thickness: 3mm/5mm/6mm/10mm(Due to size problems, 2 or more of 3MM and 5MM need to be split and shipped, and more than 1 of 6MM and 10MM need to be split and shipped.)

Temperature Range: 80℃-90℃(No fireproof)

Weight: 0.4kg


【Suitable For】This sound deadening foam is ideal for hood, ceiling, door, cockpit floor, tailgate, fire wall and U type wall, front mudguard, front and back wheels.

【Block Noise】This insulation foam will improve the riding experience in your vehicle by reducing engine noise, tire whine, road noise, wind noise and will significantly improve the overall vehicle refinement and sound quality.With high noise reduction and thermal insulation properties, it is a good replacement for the old one and also a needed spare part for your car.

【Double Effect】As well as improve the vehicle acoustics, this high performance insulation foam will ensure your vehicle stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, making your ride more comfortable.Scratch resistant.

【Waterproof and Moisture-proof】Automotive insulation mat is made of high quality material with the adhesive backed surface, this insulation foam is easy to cut, peel and apply, and it is water resistant and flame retardant.Scratch resistant. The surface high-fiber cloth is fiberglass. Heatproof.Block transmit sunlight, engine, exhaust pipe heat to the cab, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, saving fuel.

【Enhanced Protection】1. Slow down life pipelines and circuits. It is hot in summer, it can help the front cover of the car to dissipate heat, extend the service life of pipes and circuits, and not accelerate the cracking. 2. Slow down the aging of car paint. Direct sunlight in front of the outer casing, high temperature inside and outside the engine, accelerates paint aging. It protects the paint from aging.


Please do not go wrong Mistakes with a long time to burn and take the gas stove to burn, because the cotton with a sticker does not fires the other car can not reachthe fires conditions Once the fires conditions in addition to metal parts inside the car can fires any items Burning, the proposed owners do not privately installed electronic appliances, the proper use of cars.

Package Incleded

1 x roll of absorbing cotton


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