Color :


This strap quality materials Seiko production, outside with a nylon wrap, stretchable, and not damaged

Designed to be easy to use, and elegant, can complement each other and your car

A variety of uses is your road trip is a good helper

Suitable for bicycles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, electric cars


Item Type: Tensioning Belts 


Color:As the picture show


Length: 1m

Width: about 3cm


Can be used to bundle fixed bicycles, motorcycles, electric rear seat cargo, prevent items falling;

Can be used to bundle fixed luggage, goods on carts, prevent items falling;

Can be used to block retaining minibus, coach articles on preventing vehicle was injured in items falling from the sky passengers;

Can be used to enclosure fence, fixed tents

Package Included:

1* Luggage Tied Rope


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