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Stronger and more durable: the soft shackle made of synthetic rope, each shackle can have a breaking strength of 40 pounds (about 17.2 kg), which is stronger than traditional steel buckles. Made of aluminum material commonly used in the aviation industry, very light and more convenient.

High visibility, softness and floating: due to its light weight and color, no more restraints lost in water or mud! Soft enough, it will not shake or damage the paint on the bumper.

One-piece construction: made of one-piece synthetic rope, easy to put on and take off-easy to use-soft shackle can be easily connected and disconnected, to achieve a certain strength and flexibility, no need to buckle or pin to be like a steel traction buckle.

Thermal shrinkage and protective sleeves: Thermal shrinkage increases the stability of the nodules, while the black sleeves prevent ultraviolet rays, rock wear and heating, suitable for long-distance off-road travel.

Suitable for many purposes, shackles and traction belts, off-road recovery, all-terrain vehicles, trucks, ocean, agriculture, industry, mining and other outdoor adventurers are perfect. The grab ring is suitable for soft shackles, all designed to make recovery safer, faster and more reliable.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: Approx.9.9x9.8x3cm/3.89x3.85x1.18inches

Color: Black/Red

Package Includes:

1x Recovery Ring

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